I offer suspension servicing for all the major brands found on todays mountian bikes, including Rockshox, Fox, Manitou, Marzzochi, Magura and others, with services tailored to your needs.

A standard Service starts with the cleaning of the fork to ensure peak grit doesn't find its way inside, before making a note of your personal settings and stripping the forks down. Each o'ring is inspected and replaced as necessary, and if requested, the main oil seal and dust wipers are changed. The bushings are checked for wear, and I will discuss this with you if there are problems (unfortunately at this stage I can not offer bushing changes in forks). The fork is reassembled to the highest standard using Rock Oil fully synthetic suspension fluid, and Stendec Easy Glide Fork Grease. Crush washers are replaced, loctite applied where necessary and then everything is torqued up to manufacturers specifications. 

I can also service rear shocks, but am limited to what I can offer. I can carry out air sleeve services on any air shock including new seals, and full services on some coil shocks depending on the model. Get in touch for more information and a quote. Rear shock servicing includes new DU bushes.

Post servicing, the forks/shocks are hand dyno tested to check that all the adjusters work as they should, and then they are submerged in a water bath to check for any air leaks. A quick polish up and they are ready for collection! A service report is attached to each unit for customer reference.


Hydraulic brake servicing can seem daunting to alot of folk, so I also offer my services for servicing them, be it from a standard bleed, right down to a complete over haul with new seals,  pistons, hoses or anything else.

Brake servicing involves cleaning the brakes, for the same reason as above, carrying out the required service, and then checking all the seals are functioning properly. We are happy to fit new brakes and set them up to your personal preferences.


Wheel truing can seem like a dark art to those not in the know, but it is a relatively simple process.  I offer a full wheel building service, hub servicing and wheel truing. Wheels are built using top quality DT Swiss spokes and nipples. Email to discuss options.
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