If you are feel comfortable to service your own Rockshox forks, I offer 2 options for service kits to get you going. The basic kit contains all the small parts needed to overhaul your forks. I can only offer kits for Rockshox 32mm forks at present. I am continually expanding this range so keep an eye on this page!

The basic kit contains:

Motion Control:
>Rebound Seal
>Rebound Inner
>Top Cap Seal
>Motion control Bottom
>Compression Dial
>Travel indicator

Air U-turn*
>Top Cap
>Seal head, air piston, choke, upper seal head
>Lower seal head inner
>Top cap shaft

Dual Air*
>Top cap
>Pos/Neg air piston
>Bottom Foot inner
>Neg piston inner

>Crush washer and retainer

*depending on model specified.

An advanced kit including new dust wiper and oil seals is also available. 

Kits are also available to give your Avid juicy lever a new lease of life with new top hat bushings to remove the lever wobble common on juicy brakes. Full colour instructions are included in this kit.

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